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A home facial is a great way to save some cash, but if you worry that it’s not the same, you’ve come to the right place. While a facial at home might not be quite as relaxing as if you go to the spa, it can still be very effective. A home facial should leave you with soft, smooth, rejuvenated and glowing skin, so read on for some tips that will help you get it just right.

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Consider Your Skin Type

This is pretty important no matter what skincare procedure you do. Before you start your home facial, think about whether you have oily, normal or dry skin so you can choose the right products that let you get the most out of home facials. Look for cleansers, toners, creams and lotions that work for your skin type and you’re all set.


Use Homemade Masks

Making your own homemade facial masks is fun, but it also gives you more control over what goes on your face. There are literally thousands of homemade facial ingredients you can mix and match to create just what you need for your skin. For example, oatmeal is perfect for dry skin, while honey can draw impurities out of any skin type. Yogurt, egg whites, avocado and olive oil are other popular ingredients.


Clean in a Circular Motion

Start your home facial by thoroughly cleansing your face. This removes all the make-up, dirt and debris that is hanging out on your skin. Gently scrub all over in a circular motion, which is ideal for the best clean you can get. Don’t be too rough or you risk damaging your skin. Don’t forget to get your neck.



Exfoliating is a huge part of getting a good facial. You want to do this gently as well. Use a simple scrub of sugar and olive oil to remove all the dirt and junk from your pores and leave you with a clean slate on which to work your magic. Make sure to rinse well when you’re done so your face isn’t covered with the oil, which can get in the way of the rest of the treatment.


Let Your Mask Sit

It’s tempting to put on a face mask, then wash it off too soon. After all, you have things to do, right? The best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your facial is to let the mask penetrate your skin for a good amount of time. Plan to apply it when you can sit on the couch and watch television or read a magazine. That way you give the mask ample time to do its job. Generally, 15 to 30 minutes is ideal, so plan accordingly.



My favorite part of getting a professional facial is the warm towel treatment at the end. You can easily replicate this at home. Start by placing a dry towel over your head and holding your face a few inches above a bowl of steaming water. Hang there for a couple of minutes. Then wet the towel with warm water and gently wrap it around your face, lying down while it lays there. Make sure you leave a spot to breathe. I usually fall asleep during this part.



Going to the spa for a facial all the time can get pretty pricey. Why not indulge in one now and then and do your own at home the rest of the time? Try to do a home facial once a month or so and you’ll have the healthiest looking skin ever.

A home facial might not be quite as decadent as a spa one, but you’ll love the way you look and feel when you’re done. Do you have any other tips for making it an experience to remember?

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I do home facials works a treat and u get to know what works! A spa is also a great treat!!


Yep I do all that except steam

i ll try steam

i dun spend much money in parllour we can easily do cleansing at our homes

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