7 Reasons to Start Washing Your Face with Oil ...


Does washing your face with oil sound crazy? I used to think that too before I discovered all the benefits of oil cleansing and what it can do for our skin! Based on my research, just about all skin types can use and benefit from the oil cleansing method. You just might have to adjust the amount of oil you use to what your skin is comfortable with is all. Are you intrigued? Keep reading for reasons to start washing your face with oil!

1. Simple

When youโ€™re washing your face with oil, youโ€™re doing just that, itโ€™s super simple. To make the cleansing oil, you just combine olive oil, castor oil (you can find this at most pharmacies in the upset tummy section) and essential oils if you want. Combine equal parts of the two oils in an empty bottle or old face wash container and shake it up. Pour a quarter-sized dollop in your hand, rub it on your dry face and let it sit for one minute. Next, grab a wash cloth, soak it in hot water, wring it out and apply it to your face for 30 seconds. Lastly, use the wash cloth to rub the oil off of your face.

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