Mistakes πŸ˜– You Make when Dealing 😱 with Breakouts πŸ‘Ž ...


There are some mistakes you make when dealing with breakouts that it's important to know about. If you are one of the many people among us who tend to suffer when it comes to their skin and complexion, then you will know just how horrible it is when you start to feel a breakout coming. It can often feel like they are impossible to prevent, and even more impossible to abate when they actually arrive in full force. Even during the frustration, there are still a few things that you can do to make dealing with breakouts a little easier. Here are some of the mistakes you make when dealing with breakouts and how to solve them.

1. You Can’t Resist Popping Pimples

One of the biggest mistakes you make when dealing with breakouts is to pop your pimples. It can be almost impossible to resist trying to pop your pimples, especially when they are so big and so central on your face. However, when you pop a zit, you are forcing the bacteria, oil, and debris out from your acne, which can be very damaging because it effectively tears up layers of your skin. What you really need to do is exercise some restraint and patience and allow the breakout to run its course, then you can get to work on post-inflammation healing.

You Use Overly Harsh Products
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