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Some smells can just leave you feeling super relaxed and stress-free, so stocking your skincare product arsenal with lavender scented skincare products can really work well for you. Not only do the following items work for a variety of skin purposes, but they also smell wonderful and are sure to relax and calm you when you use them. Check out these great lavender scented skincare products and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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Eight Skincare Lavender Hand Crème

Eight Skincare Lavender Hand Crème The price tag on this hand crème isn’t the only thing that puts it at the top of my lavender scented skincare products list. It’s definitely cheaper than a lot of other specialty products and it’s got that wonderful smell you’re after, but the rich combination of ingredients also makes it super effective for dry skin. It heals damaged skin and leaves you feeling smooth all over.


Elma & Sana Organic Argan Oil – Lavender Scented

Elma & Sana Organic Argan Oil – Lavender Scented Argan oil is the newly touted miracle product of experts and celebrities alike. This product is perfect for all hair and skin types. Use it as a leave-in product after washing your hair to leave your locks smelling wonderful and looking even better. You can also use this argan oil for soft and supple skin that you can wear under make-up and other face skin products.


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap If you want a dose of lavender every time you wash your hands, opt for the Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap with the scent. This line carries many smells, so be sure you choose the one that says lavender on the label. This mild hand soap will leave your hands clean and fresh no matter what got them dirty. You’re going to love the price tag too!


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap is a popular choice among skincare enthusiasts for its refreshing lavender scent. It is part of the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day line, which offers a variety of scents to choose from. This hand soap is gentle yet effective in removing dirt and leaving hands feeling clean and fresh. It is also reasonably priced, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking for a quality hand soap. The brand is known for using natural ingredients, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Give it a try and see why it's a favorite among lavender lovers.


Thayer’s Lavender with Witch Hazel

Thayer’s Lavender with Witch Hazel This skin toner is perfect for people with sensitive skin. If that describes you, you’re absolutely going to love the smell of this product just as much you’ll love how it softens and moisturizes your skin. It’s alcohol free and protects your skin from environmental toxins that cause damage and aging.


Kiss My Face Olive and Lavender Bar Soap

Kiss My Face Olive and Lavender Bar Soap If you’re more of a bar soap kind of girl, look no further than this wonderful product from Kiss My Face. It’s got ingredients that give it a great smell as well as those that leave your skin soft, supple and beautiful every time you use it. This bar soap is great for washing your hands, but you can also use it in the shower to give your whole body a luxurious scent and feel.


The Naked Bee Lavender and Beeswax Hand and Body Lotion

The Naked Bee Lavender and Beeswax Hand and Body Lotion I’m a multitasking kind of girl, so I love skincare products I can use on more than one body part. This lotion is perfect for your entire body, so I’d recommend having several tubes on hand at all times. The lotion leaves you with a subtle lavender scent, but also moisturizes beautifully.


Creative Nail Scentsations Lavender & Jojoba Lotion

Creative Nail Scentsations Lavender & Jojoba Lotion I know there are tons of lavender scented lotions on the market, but I’m including this on my list because it’s also ideal for your nails. It smells soft and yummy, but this lotion also moisturizes and softens your skin and fingernails. Use it on your feet for some great toenail benefits too.

Do you like the smell of lavender? Which scented product is your favorite?

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