How to Cocktail 🍹 Your Skincare Products 🛍 for Optimal 👌🏼 Layering ...

Bet you didn't know that you can mix your skincare products to create new things that offer all the best perks for your skin. You shouldn't just start combining stuff without knowing what you're doing because some things won't mix well and others shouldn't be combined at all. Use these handy tips and tricks to cocktail your skincare products and you'll be ready to layer like the best of them. Of course, if you have any skin issues going on, be sure to let your dermatologist know so they can be taken care of.

1. Moisture Mask + Clay Mask

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This skincare cocktail is perfect for balancing combination skin on your face. If you have several issues to contend with, it only makes sense to combine a couple of things to take care of them all at once. The moisture mask helps treat dry patches, while the clay mask soaks up grease and shine on the oily parts of your face. Place the mixture on your face, allow it work for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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