7 Home Remedies to Make Oily Skin Look Healthy ...


If your skin has a greasy sheen, it is more likely to be oily than that dewy glowing skin we all wish for. Having oily skin (due to hyperactive androgen or enhanced production of sebum) brings issues of not only looking fresh but also in choosing the right makeup. It also means choosing the right skincare products. You can buy off the shelf but there are also home remedies you can try:

1. Use Tomatoes for a Healthy Hit of Lycopene

The lycopene and other antioxidants in tomatoes make them a perfect remedy to rejuvenate your skin. It improves your cell and skin health, and works particularly well for oily skin mainly because it possesses astringent properties too. Simply take some ripe tomatoes and make a paste. Apply it to your face and wash it off once it dries up completely to get a noticeable glow on your skin.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar as a Face Wash
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