7 Helpful Tips on Giving Yourself a Facial Massage ...


If you haven’t heard about the many benefits of massaging your face, you’ve got to read this post on how to give yourself a facial massage! Massaging your face isn’t just for those time you get a facial, you can give yourself a facial massage every time you apply your facial products to detoxify your body, prevent wrinkles and even relief congestion in your sinuses! Continue reading for some useful tips on giving yourself a facial massage!

1. Prep

The first step in how to give yourself a facial massage is to prepare. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry with a towel and grab a serum or a moisturizer of your choice. You might want to grab some eye cream to apply to your eye area also. Don’t apply it just yet though, just get it ready to use in the next step!

Close Your Eyes
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