7 Facts about Blackheads You Need to Know ...


As with any other subject, facts about blackheads give you all the information you need to identify and treat them. No girl wants to deal with these nasty little skin blemishes, but the truth is that we all get them once in awhile. Knowing all about blackheads gives you the know how and tools to eliminate them quickly. Use these facts about blackheads to keep your facial skin looking its healthy best no matter what life throws your way.

1. They’re Open Hair Follicles

Here’s one of the facts about blackheads you might wish you didn’t know. However, understanding what a blackhead is can help you figure out if that’s what you’re facing or if your blemish is something else. So here goes. A blackhead is an opening in your skin that’s stuffed with debris that includes skin, dirt and oil. Gross, right? Fortunately, getting that junk out isn’t as hard as you might think.

They Aren’t Always Black
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