7 Amazingly Effective Tips on Prepping Your Skin for Winter ...


Prepping your skin for winter is going to be easy peasy this year because I’ve got seven helpful tips on how you can prepare your skin from the fall to winter. Even if you’ve never changed your skin care routine according to changes in the seasons in the past, it’s never too late to start and your skin will really appreciate it! Let’s get right into these 7 amazingly effective tips on prepping your skin for winter.

1. Start Switching Formulas

One of the top tips in prepping your skin for winter is going to be to switch formulas in your skin care regimen. You don’t have drop everything and invest in all new skin care products right this minute, but think about switching your lightweight formulas to thicker ones. Depending on where you live and your skin type, some people are able to get away with using the same skin care products all year long. I’m not that lucky so I need to start buying thicker creams for my body and face.

Don’t Stop the Sunscreen
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