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Ready for a comprehensive guide to acne? From the moment you hit puberty, spots, pimples and zits become a big part of your daily life. If you are lucky, then the only thing that will bother you is an occasional pimple at an unfortunate time, but if you, like so many others out there, suffer from acne, then it’s an entirely different ball game. One of the worst things about acne is that it can manifest is so many different ways, causing different types of outbreaks for different types of skin types, as well as being prevalent on various parts of the body. Acne isn’t just saved for the face area, it can affect lots of other places on your body like your neck, chest and back, in particular. If you are someone who is the early stages of realising that acne is going to be a part of your life for the foreseeable future, then take a look at what's below - a comprehensive guide to acne that you will find invaluable.

1. Comedonal Acne

This is a type of acne that occurs when dead skin cells and excess oils become trapped in your pores. Within this category, there are a further two sub-categories:

β€’ Closed Comedone – these are more commonly known as clogged pores and whiteheads. They happen when a layer of skin forms over the gunk and debris that is trapped in a pore, creating a flesh coloured bump.

β€’ Open Comedone – these are more commonly known as blackheads. When the gunk and debris in your pores become exposed to the air, it can oxidize and turn black.

Inflammatory Acne
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