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You wouldn’t think that getting out of the shower would require much thought at all, right? Get out, dry off and get dressed. Simple. Not so fast! Skincare experts agree that there are wrong and right things to be doing when you step out of the spray. Making mistakes can cost you the healthiest, most gorgeous skin imaginable. Here’s what you should be doing so that you can reap the rewards of young, fresh skin all over your body, no matter your age.

1. Try to Finish Your Shower with Warm Water, Not Really Hot Water

Why? Because super hot water sucks all the moisture right out of your skin, leaving it dry and parched. That means flakes, itching and tightness that I know you don’t want to deal with. Finish that shower with lukewarm water and the problem is easily solved. I know that a hot shower feels really wonderful, but you’ll love the results of turning down the temp so much that you’ll never go back.

Pat Your Skin Dry, Never Rub It Dry
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