Bikini Shaving Tips πŸ“– for Girls with Super Sensitive 😣 Skin πŸ‘™ ...


Shaving your bikini line can be an invitation for irritation if you’ve got super sensitive skin.

Whether you shave it regularly or just do so when it’s time to actually don a bikini, these tips are for you.

They can help you avoid the pain and breakouts shaving here can cause.

Try these 7 tips so you have a silky, smooth finish to shaving.

1. Do Some Trim Work First


If it’s been awhile since you shaved your bikini line, it can be helpful to do some trim work first.

You can use a pair of men’s trimmers or even a pair of scissors to cut away the excess hair.

This helps you see better when it finally is time to shave.

It’s also easier on your razor.

You don’t have to take time to try to rinse yucky hair clumps.

2. Soften up with a Soak

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It’s easier to shave when your skin is soft.

One of the best ways to make sure it’s soft is to soak in the tub for a little while first.

If you’re more of a shower girl then that can work too.

Do everything you need to do in the shower first then shave.

Soft skin is less likely to become razor burned.

3. Exfoliate

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Exfoliating before shaving is a good idea.

It helps with any dryness and gives your razor a smoother surface.

Skin can be a bit rougher in the creases so exfoliating becomes extra important.

I try to exfoliate each time before I shave.

You can use a washcloth to do the job or try a fresh smelling sugar scrub.

4. Use a Fresh Razor

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You always want to change your razor regularly, of course.3

But whenever you’re shaving your bikini line, it’s good to use a new one.

The bikini line involves shaving around the curves of your body.

You’re always more likely to cut yourself around areas that involve curves such as your knees, ankles and bikini line.

Using a dull razor raises the risk.

Choose a Soothing Shaving Cream
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