You Can Now Get This Popular Acne Medication over the Counter for the First Time Ever ...

By Eliza

You Can Now Get This Popular Acne Medication over the Counter for the First Time Ever ...

Having acne is pretty inconvenient, right? It doesn't look good and it's uncomfortable and painful too. So what's a girl to do? There are loads of acne products on store shelves, but sometimes you need something stronger than that. Prescription products are much more intense and often have much better results. But that requires seeing a doctor. Not anymore! Differin - one of the most popular and commonly prescribed medication is now available over the counter for your convenience, along with other products.

Table of contents:

  1. differin gel
  2. proactiv three step system
  3. x-out acne face wash
  4. emuaid overnight acne treatment
  5. exposed acne treatment
  6. olay fresh effects acne solution system
  7. clearogen acne lotion

1 Differin Gel
This once daily treatment has been around for 20 years, but is now available over the counter. It's safe to use for women age 12 and older, though if you are pregnant you should avoid it. When using Differin Gel, take caution to limit your sun exposure. The gel will help get rid of acne blemishes, both large and small.

2 Proactiv Three Step System
Proactiv is a very popular acne treatment product and is available over the counter. The three step system promises to get deep into your pores, clearing them out and keeping them clean so that acne never has a chance to start. It also works to get rid of acne you already have. Perfect!

3 X-out Acne Face Wash
Use this face wash to clear your skin in one easy step. This daily cleanser helps clear out your pores and kill the bacteria that leads to acne. It also has benzoyl peroxide to help get rid of acne you already have.

4 Emuaid Overnight Acne Treatment
This innovative over the counter product promises to get rid of acne overnight. Simply dab the product on your zits and the ingredients get right to work killing bacteria and shrinking them. All you have to do is go to sleep!

5 Exposed Acne Treatment
When you choose this system, you get five products that will battle acne from every angle. That includes a cleanser, toner, two serums and a cleansing cloth. When used together, this system kills germs and bacteria that cause acne and clears up the pimples you already have. What more could a girl want?

6 Olay Fresh Effects Acne Solution System
Olay has a pretty good reputation as being wonderful for your skin. This acne system is no exception. There are three steps that start with cleansing, move to a spot treatment and then finishes with a mattifying product that battles grease, helping prevent future acne from cropping up.

7 Clearogen Acne Lotion
You don't often hear of lotions designed to treat acne, but this one does just that. The lotion contains sulfur, which provides a double whammy to your skin by clearing acne that's already there and battling future acne from ever starting. You're going to love this!

How do you treat your acne? Will you try any of these products?

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