10 Urban Skincare Myths Debunked ...


Just like there are tons of beauty fables, there are lots of urban skincare myths floating around. After years of hearing confusing information I think it’s time we challenge these falsehoods and expose the truth on what it really takes to get healthy skin! We know that the key to beautiful skin doesn’t lie in wacky rituals or weird concoctions! So, the next time you see or hear about a skincare tip or trick look at it with a critical eye and don’t be fooled!

1. Dairy is Good for Your Skin

When you think of urban skincare myths I bet you didn’t expect to see such a harmless food item show up on this list. If you drink milk as part of your everyday routine regardless of if it’s regular or organic, you can be taking in hormones which can cause acne. Dairy products are considered to have inflammatory properties which mean it can accelerate aging and worsen existing acne issues.

All Sunscreens Are Created Equal
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