8 Tips for after Gym Skin Care ...


You have your morning skin care habits and your before bed skin care regimen, but have you made your after gym skin care routine? If not, you really should — you’ve done your body good by working out, so let’s make sure your skin stays happy and healthy at the gym too. Here are 8 tips for after gym skin care.

1. Workout without Make-up

First of all, you’ll look ridiculous in full make-up, with raccoon eyes and runny foundation, there on the elliptical, and you might leave smudges of make-up on the equipment, too. Second, you’re going to sweat it all off anyway, so do you really want to waste your fave MAC eyeliner at the gym? Skip the make-up and arrive at the gym bare-faced, ready to get all sweaty from your workout. The glow you’ll get from exercise looks so much better than bronzer, so this is my first (and maybe most important) after gym skin care tip!

Skip the Tanning Bed!
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