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This is Why Every Woman Needs a Lip Eye Cream Combo ...

By Alicia

Lip & eye cream combos offer you lots of benefits. It’s an intriguing product that every woman needs in her skincare collection. If you don’t have one yet then it’s a great product to add to your beauty wish list. Or treat yourself to one just because!

1 Duo Products save You Money

Duo products are always great because they save you money. Instead of buying both a lip and an eye cream, you can buy one product that takes care of both. You won’t shell out money for separate products again once you start using a lip & eye cream combo. Let’s be honest, beauty product are expensive. It’s great when you can find a way to save on them.

2 It’s Less to Pack

I hate all the products I have to pack when I travel ✈. It can really be a hassle. Your bag of makeup, skincare and hair products can equal quite a load. Having a lip & eye cream means there’s one product to pack instead of two. It’s also a great little product to throw in your bag when you’re spending the night with a friend.

3 They’re Formulated with Maximum anti-Aging Benefits

The lip and eye areas of your face are areas that need special care. Both show signs of aging more quickly than other parts of your face. Lip & eye cream combos are formulated with this in mind. They often contain anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin C and E to help keep your skin youthful. Whether you’re treating or preventing the signs of aging, lip & eye cream combos are the way to go.

4 It’s Less Clutter

Most women deal with clutter on their sink from skincare, makeup, perfume and other essentials. Anytime you can eliminate sink clutter by downsizing the number of products you have, it’s a good thing. I also keep lip & eye cream on my nightstand so it’s a way to cut back on clutter there, too. Less products on your nightstand leaves more room for magazines, books and decorative accents.

5 They’re Made with Extra Moisture Eyes and Lips Need

Your lips and eyes are especially prone to dryness. Lip & eye creams are made with the extra moisture those areas need. Keeping your lips and the delicate skin around your eyes in good condition help your makeup application to go on more smoothly. When you have dryness around your lips or eyes, wrinkles are going to show more prominently. Caking can also occur under your eyes when the skin there is dry.

6 Lip & Eye Cream Combos Come in High Quality Brands

You won’t have to look far to find a lip & eye cream combo. You also won’t have to sacrifice quality. Many high quality brands offer a lip & eye cream. A few great ones to try are by Caudalie, Philosophy and Shiseido. If you’re looking for a good one that’s a little cheaper then try the Sephora brand.

7 It’s a Fun Product to Try

And I have to add this reason. Lip & eye creams are just a fun product to try! I’ve became somewhat of a skincare junkie and a new product is always enticing to me. I have a feeling some of you can’t resist new products, either. Changing things up is a way to enjoy your skincare more.

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