How Can You Hide Those Pesky Lines around Your Lips?


How Can You Hide Those Pesky Lines around Your Lips?
How Can You Hide Those Pesky Lines around Your Lips?

This topic comes at the perfect time for me because I was just wondering what to do about my lip lines this very morning while I put my makeup on. Are you thinking the same thing? Well, I went to the experts and gathered all their best advice and I’m about to share it here with you. Before I do, I want to encourage you to make an appointment with your dermatologist so that you can discuss treatments for your lines and wrinkles, as well as getting a full body check for healthy skin overall.

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Add a Product with Retinol to Your Daily Routine

Retinol works by promoting cell turnover, which can smooth out your lines by plumping the skin in the area. There are lots of options, including day cream, night moisturizer or a daily serum. Just one application per day should give you results in just a few months. Skincare experts caution against using retinol more than once a day because it can be irritating.


Try an at-Home Laser Treatment to save You Some Money

Instead of waiting until you can get in to the salon to have some lasers aimed at your lip lines, try an at-home product for similar results. They work by boosting your collagen production, which plumps the skin and makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Using the home lasers should give you noticeable results in about a month.


Make Sure You’re Getting Moisturizer around Your Lips

When your skin is dry, lines and wrinkles can look worse than they are. I know you’re putting on moisturizer every night, but are you paying close attention to the area around your mouth? If you’re skimping on moisturizer there, you may see your lines looking more pronounced. Simply apply a bit more each day and you should notice things looking better before you know it.


Start Wearing Sunscreen on a Daily Basis

Expert dermatologists suggest wearing sunscreen on the area around your mouth because it helps protect against sun damage, which can exacerbate current lines and create new ones. You want to wear SPF under your make up, even if the only time you’ll be spending outdoors is on the car. No matter how much sun exposure you get, it can add up and the results are rarely pretty.


Draw the Eye Away from Wrinkles with Lip Products

Makeup artists have some tricks you can steal to mask fine lines and wrinkles by drawing the eye to your lips and away from the area around them. Use liner just at the bow of your mouth and at the full part on the bottom. Then fill in with a matching lipstick. Everyone will be so mesmerized by your lips and they won’t notice those lines you hate so very much.


Eat Foods That Contain Lots of Antioxidants

You’ve probably witnessed the effects a poor diet can have on your skin. Late nights and lots of takeout can wreak havoc on your complexion. On the other hand, loading your plate with antioxidants can help mask lines and prevent them from getting worse. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, green tea, coffee and dark chocolate are your best bets.


See Your Dermatologist for a Filler

A filler works by plumping the area where it’s applied, smoothing the lines around your mouth and making you look younger instantly. Juvederm or Radiesse are the most common for use in the area and can last about a year before you need to have another treatment.

Do you hate the lines around your mouth? What do you do about them?

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