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Move over Lip Balm - 13 Best Lip Masks Are Here ...

By Eliza

You know how awesome a face mask can be for revitalizing your dull, lifeless complexion, right? You can get those same benefits from the new lip masks that are hitting the market. Each is designed to turn over old skin and reveal radiant, gorgeous lips beneath. You apply the mask much the same way you do a face mask. If you add anything to your beauty routine, it should definitely be a lip mask. Here are some great choices to get you started.

Table of contents:

  1. Plumping gel mask
  2. Lip sleeping mask
  3. Deep moisture lip mask
  4. Lip plump collagen mask
  5. Perfect pout lip mask
  6. Agave lip mask
  7. Ginger sugar overnight lip mask
  8. Cherry lip gel patch
  9. Honey myrrh lip repair
  10. All about lips
  11. Two step treatment
  12. Water peel for lips
  13. Super moisturizing mask

1 Plumping Gel Mask
This lip mask promises to plump things up without having to have injections.

2 Lip Sleeping Mask
Go to sleep and let this overnight lip mask do all the work for you.

3 Deep Moisture Lip Mask
This mask is loaded with nutrients for a healthy pair if lips, including vitamin C and berry extract.

4 Lip Plump Collagen Mask
Want to boost your collagen? Use this mask to get the job done.

5 Perfect Pout Lip Mask
This pair of lip mask products smooth lips, hydrates lips and anti-ages them at the same time.

6 Agave Lip Mask
This lip mask is designed to be a leave on mask and will smooth and nourish.

7 Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask
This is the lip mask you've got to have if you suffer from dry, chapped lips.

8 Cherry Lip Gel Patch
This cooling lip patch will plump your pout in under 20 minutes.

9 Honey Myrrh Lip Repair
It only takes a day or two of using this mask to get rid of dry, cracked lips once and for all.

10 All about Lips
This lip mask will give you both short and long term results that you will love.

11 Two Step Treatment
This two part lip mask works to exfoliate and anti-age your lips with very little effort.

12 Water Peel for Lips
This water peel mask will gently slough off dead skin cells, revealing glowing and lovely lips beneath.

13 Super Moisturizing Mask
You are going to love how your lips feel after using this mask.

Are you excited to try a lip mask? If you already have, do you have tips to share?

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