7 Things That Could Damage Your Beautiful and Glowing Skin ...


Oh the trouble we go through to make our skin look lovely! Of course it all sums up to nothing if you don't protect it from the following damaging factors. Thank you guest contributor Rania for sharing these!

Every woman loves to have healthy and glowing skin and you are no exception. But there are a few things that could damage your skin in ways you cannot imagine. What are these things? Read on to find out:

1. Chlorine

Taking a relaxing swim in the pool during the summer is the perfect way to beat the heat. But it is not the best one for your skin. Chlorine is an essential pool cleaning ingredient. This can dry your skin by stripping off its moisture and cause it to age. Chlorine tends to settle on your skin even after you take a good shower. So make sure to use a good body wash with creamy foam and a loofah to flush away the chlorine.

Sleeping with Makeup on
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