The Best Way to Apply Skincare Products ...

By Carly

The Best  Way to Apply  Skincare Products  ...

Ever wondered about the best way to apply skincare products? For as long as skincare products have been a big industry in health and beauty, there has been a debate raging about whether you should be patting them on or rubbing them in! You could ask ten different people and it’s likely that the results will come out even, 50% for patting and 50% for rubbing. If you are a newcomer to the ins and outs of skincare and are looking for a little advice in how to do it best, then take a look at this brief guide that gives you all of the info you need to know on the patting vs. rubbing debate. Here's the best way to apply skincare products.

Table of contents:

  1. rubbing
  2. patting
  3. when to rub vs. when to pat

1 Rubbing

Rubbing is the circular motion that you use to drive products into your skin, but some experts of late have been expressing the opinion that this could be a harmful way to do it in the long run. They believe that rubbing can cause friction which stretches the skin and breaks down collagen. This can, in turn, promote the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

2 Patting

Patting is seen as a more gentle technique for applying skincare products because you are not tugging and pulling at your skin, and it also has the added bonus of helping with blood circulation. Patting will also ensure even product distribution which means you will get more out of your purchase.

3 When to Rub Vs. when to Pat

Pretty much most of your skincare products should be patted, from toners to essences to moisturizers to eye creams and serums. Liquids are absorbed better using this technique. You should leave the rubbing technique for things like cleanser, where doing the motion can help to activate the foam within the product.

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