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Outstanding Ways to Say Goodbye to Open Pores ...

By Gulsum

Are you looking for some ways to reduce the size of open pores? There are different reasons why we have large pores on our skin. The type of skin, age, genetics and exposure to the sun all play role. Large open pores give an unappealing look, with makeup it gets even worse. You can choose expensive treatments to resolve this problem. But there is another option for it in the form of natural remedies. Try them out and you will enjoy the result. Here are the best ways to reduce the size of open pores.


Cleanse or scrub your skin before applying masks or gels.It makes skin ready to get all the good things from the remedy. Apply some gel on your face and leave it overnight. Aloe vera gel is a miracle for your skin. Rinse in the morning with cool water and use ice cubes to massage your skin. It increases blood circulation to your skin.Your skin will get hydrated and it will remove impurities from pores, which decreases their size.


Make toner with apple cider vinegar. Mix 5 tbsp of vinegar and a tbsp of water. Transfer mixture to a spray bottle. Spray it on your face, but avoid getting it into your eyes. THen put slices of cucumber on your eyes. While waiting for the toner to dry, your eyes also relax. 10 minutes will be enough. Rinse your face and apply a good moisturizer.

Our body and skin needs support to save its beauty. So do these easy steps for 3 days and enjoy the difference.

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