7 Scary Skincare Ingredients You Should Avoid ...


With so many skin products in the market, it's impossible to decide what's good and what's not. But as guest contributor Sabrina points out, some ingredients are best avoided. What are these ingredients? Read on to find out.

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I started paying close attention to the ingredients list on the back of my skin care products. The thought had never occurred to me that my favourite products would be made with chemicals, toxins and other harmful additives. Seriously, who envisions an anti-aging cream to contain something as sinister and nasty as formaldehyde?

Realizing the error of my ways - and a diagnosis of Celiacs - I began reading labels like it was my job. Turns out, upwards of 60% of what goes on your skin is absorbed. While we associate ingestion and inhalation of toxic substances as being dangerous, we often forget that skin absorption can be just as bad for us.

Keeping this in mind, it’s time for a little education on what you should be avoiding. Some of the most common ingredients are the most harmful. Skin allergies, infertility, birth defects, learning disabilities and cancer are amongst some of these toxic side effects. So, what should you be looking for? Let me enlighten you!

1. Parabens

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately over the negative side effects of parabens and many skin care lines are coming out with paraben-free products.

For a long time now, parabens have been used as a product preservative and sadly, they are not always labeled on packaging. When choosing a deodorant or facial cream, be sure to dig deeper and look up the full ingredient list online.

Continuous use of parabens can cause men to become infertile and women’s hormones to become imbalanced. Even more, parabens have been found inside female breast cancer tumors.

Benzoyl Peroxide
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