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An Honest Review of Differen Gel ...

By Larisa

Need a review of Differen Gel? Here’s the dirt. It’s advertised as this wonderful acne treatment that doctors prescribe and now it is available over the counter. So I gave it a try. The instructions said it may take up to three months for visible results. Also it may cause more acne before it goes away. At least they were honest in letting you know your face might look like all you do is touch it with greasy fingers all day, then swearing off the mirror for a month. Or, like in my case, bring on the makeup. I must have used an entire compact concealer.

Month One: didn’t see any difference.

Month two: I couldn’t believe it but my acne got worse! Not just worse like when it’s that time of the month but worse, like it was that time of the month all month long.

Month three: finally I am here at month three. It took some dedication. My life revolves around my new babe so for me to take time at night to lay the cream on, well I’m pretty damn proud of myself. Whatever comes flying your way just power through it and put that damn cream on. But wait, you also have to wash your face first.

Now: the acne is visibly less and slowly going away. My pores seem to have gotten smaller too and there are no more problem moments like I used to have. So I guess it works. Who knew? I for sure thought it was another hoax cream. It’s nice to be proven wrong, I hope this isn't a recurring issue though. Oh, and guess what? I no longer worship the all beautiful makeup god.

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