7 Reasons to Visit Your Dermatologist ...


There are plenty of reasons to visit your dermatologist, but I have collected the seven most important ones together for your convenience. You might be surprised to find that you can see her for more than just funny spots on your body. In fact, finding the right dermatologist is great for so many more things. My best advice is to ask for a referral from your general doctor or ask friends and family if they have a great recommendation for you. Meanwhile, check out these reasons to visit your dermatologist and get ready for some one stop shopping.

1. Skin Cancer Checks

Yes, your dermatologist can do much more, but skin cancer checks are one of the most important reasons to visit your dermatologist. You probably already give her a call if you get a strange rash, but the truth is that you should be heading in at least once a year so your derm can check your entire body for suspicious moles or other growths that might need to be removed.

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