8 Possible Causes of Skin Disorders ...


Are you curious about the causes of skin disorders? Did you know that our bodies’ natural defense against infection is to protect itself through our skin? There are so many things that can affect the way our skin looks and feels but often times we never really find out the root of the problem. Nuisances like cracked, dry skin or rashes are caused by a number of things. So, I tracked down some of the most common causes of our most bothersome skin conditions so that we can get to the bottom of these vexing dilemmas.

1. Food Allergies

Did you ever think your favorite foods and even the healthy foods you’re consuming could be the causes of skin disorders? Food allergies aren’t as common as people think but it’s still one of the common skin problems we encounter. It’s very possible that eczema and dermatitis you’re experiencing could be caused by food allergies. Food allergies are diagnosed by going over a detailed history of your diet as well eliminating some foods to see if your condition improves.

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