Never Have Acne Again by Avoiding These 7 Things That Cause Flare Ups ...


Acne is a pain not to mention a complete aggravation. There are things that trigger an acne flare up that you can avoid to save yourself from going through that. While avoiding these things doesn’t promise that every trace of acne will disappear, it can significantly lower the amount of acne you have to deal with. And less acne is always a good thing.

1. Scented Body Wash

Scented body washes are famous for their ability to cause acne flare ups. One of the first things doctors recommend you do if you have body acne is to discontinue scented body washes. You don’t have to completely give up body wash; just look for one for sensitive skin or that’s unscented. Neutrogena actually has a body wash that’s specifically for acne prone skin. It’s called “Body Clear Body Wash.”

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