7 Nasty Things You Should Never Put on Your Face ...


With so many skincare products out there, it is near impossible to be sure you are getting what you want and need. Until now. I have gathered a list of the top ingredients you should avoid ever putting on your face. Of course, finding the right products is still hard sometimes, but knowing what to avoid can help you narrow the list of things that will work for you. So, read labels carefully and be sure you donโ€™t use anything that contains the following nasty things.

1. Propylene Glycol

The good news is that this item isnโ€™t found in a ton of facial products, but it does appear in other cleansing products, such as shampoo. That means you should never wash your face with these items. This ingredient is fine for your hair, but some experts liken it to poison when itโ€™s used on your facial skin. Use only a cleanser formulated for your face.

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