3 Killer 👊 Ways to Prevent 🚫 Breakouts 😖 in the Summer ☀️ ...


The change of seasons is closing in so if you're prone to skin conditions, these ways to prevent breakouts in the summer will be a godsend. You always want to look your best in the summer when the weather is glorious, but unfortunately some of the things that make summer so great can also be disastrous for your skin! Prolonged heat, humidity and altogether sweat inducing conditions can be the perfect breeding ground for skin breakouts, especially if you are someone who is prone to acne and irritation. In order to take control of your skin before the summer gets in to full swing, here are three ways to prevent breakouts in summer!

1. Clean Deeper

Hot, sticky weather can send your oil glands in to complete overdrive, which means that there will be a much greater risk of your pores clogging up. To fight this, use a cleaning brush to get a really deep clean, it will be much more effective that just using some soaped up fingers to dry to clear your pores.

Soak up Oil
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