How to Deal with These Skin Problems in the Fall ...


Fall is a glorious time of pumpkin spice lattes, adorable sweaters and hearty soups. It’s also a time when your skin might suffer the effects of the change in weather. My skin tends to get a bit drier and flakier when the temps drop. There are some things you might be battling now that autumn has arrived. The trick is figuring out what to do about those issues. I’m here to save the day with this advice that will save your fall from turning into a disaster.

1. The Colder Temps Mean Drier Skin

When the mercury drops, you might notice that your skin gets dry. This can usually be blamed on the dry air in your home and workplace when the heater starts coming on. You can counteract the issue by choosing a thick cream to combat the problem. Look for something formulated for dry skin and make sure you apply it several times each day. After a shower is the perfect time to lock in moisture, so be sure you slather on your lotion then.

Eczema Tends to Flare in Extreme Temperatures
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