Here's How to Keep Your Skin Young when You're in Your 20s ...


You might not be thinking of anti-aging in your 20s, but you should be. You probably don’t have many wrinkles, fine lines or age spots yet, but you can do several things to head them off and stay looking 20 even into your 30s and beyond. Sounds pretty great to me! If you want to look young, no matter your age, these are the ways you should be caring for your skin right now.

1. Stop Drinking Everything from a Straw

This totally conflicts with the suggestion to use a straw to prevent stains on your teeth. However, sucking through a straw can lead to wrinkles and lines around your mouth. Take a break when you’re at home and save the straws for when you have a soda or iced tea at a restaurant. It might sound silly, but this can go a long way toward protecting your looks now and as you age.

Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day, No Matter What
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