8. Honey Almond Sugar Sleepy Scrub

This is another body scrub recipe that would make a unique gift! It calls for a couple of tablespoons of Sleepytime tea which contains chamomile, lemongrass and spearmint to soothe skin along with almond extract and honey for an aromatic blend of herbs and kitchen staples. Doesn’t this scrub sound good enough to eat?!


About 3 parts white sugar and 1 part honey.

2 Tablespoons Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea (P.S.-use this more quickly, since the tea won’t be good forever)

1 Teaspoon almond extract. You could also use an essential oil here instead.


Mix all ingredients together. The consistency: Not oily runny everywhere, like the honey won’t mix all the way in. Not breaking apart and lumpy like there is too much sugar.

Use these body scrub recipes when you skin needs a little lift or you just want to treat yourself to a fragrant treatment at home. Body scrubs will get rid of dead skin cells, make shaving easier and smooth out your skin. Do you make your own body scrubs at home? What’s your favorite body scrub recipe?

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