7 Great Skincare Products from Neutrogena ...

I’ve used several skincare products from Neutrogena for years, and will continue to try new products as they come to market. As long as the same level of excellence is achieved, I am always happy to explore new merchandise. There are some new, but pricey, skincare products from Neutrogena, including the Triple Repair line and more of the Neutrogena Naturals, which aren’t included here. I’m curious enough to pick some of them up in the near future.

1. Body Oil Light Sesame Formula

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This is a great lightweight body oil, and one of the best skincare products from Neutrogena. After your bath or shower, apply this to your skin and it will seal in moisture. I don’t know of many brands that offer body oil, and this product has stood the test of time. I love this, especially for the summer when you have a light tan. Your skin will look and feel radiant.

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