10 Foods to Eat Daily for Great Skin ...


I donโ€™t know about you ladies, but if I could find foods to eat for great skin instead of spending money on pricey products, I would be all for it, wouldnโ€™t you? Well, I have great news! It is truly possible to eat with your skin in mind and avoid buying any expensive products whatsoever. I know, because Iโ€™ve done it. I went from horrible acne six months ago after not having acne in almost 8 years, to not having any acne now. How did I accomplish this? It wasnโ€™t easy, but it was possible, and far less expensive than turning to products until I found one that simply put a band-aid over the problem. Certain foods can aggravate the skin, while others can enhance it. Here are my top foods to eat for great skin that you should try to include everyday. You donโ€™t have to eat all these foods each day, but even a few of them would be excellent!

1. Wild Salmon

Wild salmon one of the best foods to eat for great skin. Salmon is a wonderful food to combat anxiety, depression, and stress. By doing so, it lowers stress hormones in your body that lead to acne, primarily cortisol. Salmon also contains twice the amount of Vitamin D you need each day. Vitamin D is responsible for keeping your brain, colon, bones and heart healthy. It prevents depression, anxiety, colon cancer, bone disease and heart disease. Salmonโ€™s healthy Omega 3 fats are also excellent for fighting acne, wrinkles and inflammation, while the protein enhances collagen in your skin to keep you looking youthful.

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