7 Fabulous Uses for Face Oils That Solve the Most Common Beauty Woes ...


As beneficial as face oils are, many of us still aren’t willing to take the plunge for fear of clogging our pores or some other potential skin care catastrophe. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to feel the same way. I have combination skin with an extremely oily T-zone that just wouldn’t quit. One day, I got so frustrated that I finally decided to give face oils a try. Now that I’ve experienced the magic of facial oil myself, I’m here to introduce you to some of their incredible beauty benefits and all that they can do to help you solve the most common and bothersome beauty woes.

1. Moisturizing

One of the most common uses for face oils is to moisturize your skin. According to holistic facialist Julia March, oils defend the skin’s acid mantle, reconstruct and maintain hydration and nourishment of your facial skin. She goes on to say that oils are the better choice when your skin is distressed, as oils work faster to hydrate and soothe your skin than a skin care cream.

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