7 Eco-Friendly Skincare Products to Make You Feel Great ...

Eco-friendly skincare products are something I can get behind because I love that they help the environment, but also that they still do great things for my skin. Fortunately, more and more skincare companies are starting to realize the impact of their carbon footprint; that includes when it comes to harvesting and importing ingredients, making their packaging and shipping their product. What that means is that you might not find eco-friendly skincare products as easily as others, but it’s well worth the search. Here are some to get you started.

1. Derma E Facial Treatment Oil

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Not only does this great oil boast organic materials, but it is also paraben free, making it wonderful for your skin and the environment at the same time. In addition, the product is gluten-free and vegan and promises that it only uses all natural ingredients, including argan oil and kukui oil. On top of that, the packaging is recyclable. If that doesn’t make this one of the best eco-friendly skincare products out there, I don’t know what does.

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