Do This, if Cold Weather Dries out Your Skin ...


There’s a reason why your skin gets dry and itchy in the winter. It’s because the drop in temperature combined with the frigid wind sucks the moisture right from your body. At the same time, the heater comes on all day long, further drying your skin. Just when it seems like a girl can’t win and that she’s doomed to tight itchy skin all winter, comes along just the info you need to combat it and stay comfy and enjoy gorgeous skin, no matter what the temperature is outside. Here’s what to do.

1. Fight Back with Steam

When your skin is parched and dried out, you can pump it back full of moisture with steam. If the biggest issue is dry skin on your face, try a simple steam treatment before bed. Fill a bowl with very hot water. Loosely drape a towel over your head and put your face over the bowl and let the steam soak into your skin. Follow up with moisturizer.

Add Some Hydrocortisone Cream to Your Routine
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