6 Best 😊 Foot Creams for Girls Wanting to Pamper πŸ› Their Tootsies πŸ‘  ...

The best foot creams can deal with dry feet, calluses and cracked feet and the other common foot problems that most of us suffer from.

We generally forget that like any other part of body, our feet also require essential minerals and moisturization so they look fresher, younger and smoother than ever. To feel great every time, you just need to devote a few minutes to your daily routine and apply a good quality foot cream.

However, the market seems to be flooded with different types of foot creams and other foot products. The most important factors to be considered are the quantity of the cream, its price, texture, as well as smell of the lotion, time taken to repair damaged feet etc.

Keeping these factors in mind here are some of the best foot creams available in the market.

1. O’Keeffe Healthy Foot Cream

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O’Keeffe foot cream is found to be really effective cream available easily and a very cost effective solution. It is 100% fragrance free and is completely safe for people suffering from diabetes. It gives natural hydration to skin and helps in retaining moisture by regulating pH balance.

$8.47 at amazon.com

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