Genius 💡 Tips for Caring 👋🏼 for Combination Skin ⚖️ ...

Combination skin is not as easy to care for as a face that only has one skin type.

Coping with an oily T-zone when the surrounding area is anything from dry to normal to sensitive means you have to consider what products you choose, how often you apply, and how you apply them.

Read on for the best tips for caring for combination skin I’ve found.

1. Keep Your Skin Products Cool

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Instead of keeping your skin products along with lots of others in your bathroom cupboard or vanity drawer, a good way for caring for combination skin is to pop them in the refrigerator to ensure that they as cool as they can be.

By keeping the products really cold, they will have better anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties when you apply them, which will serve to encourage more balanced oil production during the day.

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