The Worst 🚫 Alcoholic Drinks 🍸 for Doing a Number 😱 on Your Skin πŸ‘© ...


What are the the worst alcoholic drinks for your skin? When it comes to alcohol consumption and all of the health points that go along with it, it would be fair to say that while liver issues and hangovers are top of the list, something that doesn’t get much exposure is what certain kinds of drinks can do to your skin. In general, drinking alcohol isn’t the best thing in the world for people who are aiming to have perfectly spotless skin, but there is definitely a spectrum from worst to best, and that is determined by both the contents of the drinks and the mixtures of different quantities in cocktails. Here is a list of some of the worst alcoholic drinks for your skin.

1. Tequila

This is definitely one of the worst alcoholic drinks for your skin. Tequila might have less sugar than other drinks and therefore less likely to cause a hangover or acne breakouts, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s a skin-friendly drink! It is a particularly concentrated, pure spirit, which means that drinking excessive amounts of the stuff will almost certainly have a negative impact on both your head and your skin! That being said, tequila is one of your safest bets if you drink it in moderation.

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