Dewy Skin Trend: 29 Infographics to Help You Highlight Your Way to Perfection ...


We all want dewy skin that looks young, fresh and radiant, right?

I know I do!

That's easier said than done.

There's a lot more involved than just how to put your make-up on each day.

It starts with proper skincare and works through good cleansing, avoiding certain things and making a point to get others.

Then, and only then, can you get the most flawless dewy skin possible.

Here are some infographics that will give you step by step info on everything you need to do so that you can have dewy skin every single day.

1. How to Get Clear Skin

Via How to get clear skin

Dewy skin starts with proper skincare.

Once you start eating these foods, you should see a difference.

2. How to Find the Right Colors to Match Your Skin

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Wearing the right colors of make-up can go a long way toward getting the look you want.

3. Unbelievable Benefits and Uses of Cucumber

Via Unbelievable Benefits & Uses Of

Of particular importance here is #1 because getting rid of dark circles is a must to achieve the dewy skin trend.

4. Getting Foundation Right

Via Where Moms Get The Skinny

Foundation is one of your top tools for looking dewy.2

5. What to Eat

Via Food Combination Chart Provides Healthy

These are some of the foods that protect you from the inside out, including your skin.

6. Skin Foods

Via Infographic: SKIN FOODS- TOP 8

Make these foods a regular part of your meal plan and your skin will thank you all day long.3

7. Typical Acne Treaments as Well as Make-up Cover-ups and Natural Acne Treatments

Via Acne Attack |

You can't look dewy with acne so try some of these tips to get rid of yours.

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