The Best 🙌🏼 Homemade Fruit 🥑 Masks 🎭 to Start Doing ASAP ⏰ ...


Fruit has many great benefits.

As well as tasting great and being packed with all sorts of highly-beneficial nutrients, they work great on the outside of the body as well as in.

If you prefer natural skincare over chemical skincare there are some fruity face masks you can include in your beauty routine to ensure healthy glowing skin.

1. Use a Banana Face Pack for General Cleansing and Add Honey for Acne Prone Skin

eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, lip,


• Ripe banana

• Honey


Prepare this face pack simply by mashing a ripe banana and then apply it directly on your face and neck.

You can make it more effective for acne by adding some honey to the mashed banana.

Leave the mask on your face for about 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Use a Tomato Face Mask if You Have Oily Skin
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