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How to Be Confident at the Beach with Fair Skin ...

By Jennifer

Fair-skinned sweethearts, rejoice! There are plenty of ways you can protect your delicate skin without wearing a head-to-toe protective suit. Here are a few tips for preserving your precious porcelain skin, while still enjoying a day at the beach.

1 Slather on the Sunscreen

...and reapply often! With sunscreen, as with most things, you get what you pay for, so spend a little extra for a max SPF, one made for fair skin, and you'll be so glad you did! While everyone else is fretting over the freckles they got from cheap sunscreen, you'll still be ageless, fair, and spot-free.

2 Find a Fancy Fedora

If you're lucky enough to look good in hats, find one you love and you'll be stylish AND you'll be protected from the sun! Score!

3 Bask under a Bumbershoot

Why not grab a book and hide out in the shade under a brightly-striped beach umbrella? While everyone else is melted under the hot sun, you'll be cool and gorgeous and you'll get caught up in "The Girl on the Train."

4 You're Pretty as a Pin-up

All the most gorgeous, voluptuous vintage pin-up girls are fair-skinned, right? So why not rock the look, too? Find a retro-inspired suit ( has loads of them), wear your favorite red lippie, and for bonus points, do your hair in victory rolls.

5 Look Lovely in Linen

Most clothing doesn't provide much sun protection, but combined with sunscreen and/or your sunhat, linen looks lovely at the beach! I love an embroidered boho tunic with linen pants!

6 Savor the Sunnies

Don't forget to protect your peepers! Fair-haired or olive-complected, we all have to worry about the sun damaging our eyes, so don't forget to stash your favorite pair of sunnies in your beach bag!

7 Don't do the Day

The sun is at its hottest and harshest in the late morning and early afternoon, so if possible, save your skin by beach-combing and lounging a little later in the day.

Well, now I'm ready for a day at the beach! What other tips do you have to share?

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