7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Delicate Facial Skin ...


Taking care of your delicate facial skin is a must because it will keep the area healthy, but also slow the signs of aging. Think about it. When you push and pull the skin on your face all the time, it’s more prone to damage that makes its appearance in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Gasp! That’s pretty sobering news, isn’t it? So it pays to have some tips for taking care of your delicate facial skin so that you can stay looking youthful and radiant, no matter your age.

1. Use Your Third Finger

Your third finger naturally applies the least amount of pressure, so it’s the one to use when taking care of your delicate facial skin. Use it gently rub in face cream and sunscreen and use it for applying make-up as well. That way you can look fabulous without worrying about making your face look older than your years.

Wear Sunscreen
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