7 Tips for Dealing with Breakouts when You Have Dry Skin ...


You always read tips about dealing with breakouts – AWS has tons of fantastic resources for problem skin. However, what happens if you've got a bad breakout and your skin is really dry? Oily prone skin isn't the only type that suffers from blemishes and zits. It's entirely possible to break out when you've got dry skin, and some of the traditional methods just won't work. They dry out your skin even more, leaving it a scaly mess. If you've got dry skin and need some help dealing with breakouts, look no further.

1. Stop with the Steam

Actually, steam treatments can be really helpful in dealing with breakouts and with dry skin, so feel free to indulge the next time you're getting a facial. When you're taking a shower or a bath, however, nix the steaming hot water. In cold weather, especially, hot water will dry out your skin even worse – and since dry skin can lead to breakouts, you're doing double damage. You don't have to freeze yourself to death, but choose warm water over steaming hot.

Don't Stop Moisturizing
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