The 10 Step πŸ“Ά Korean Skincare πŸ‘© Routine ...


One thing about this summer heatwave that isn’t so positive is that it can really take a toll on your skin. Between the sweat, the excess oils being produced, and the sheer fact that you are sometimes too exhausted from the weather to even bother, your skin might have taken a bit of backward step recently. That’s okay! There’s no shame in it; we are all in the same boat. One thing I can say, though, is that those of us who are determined to get back in the swing of good skincare are all about to start one of the best skincare routines in the world. Here is the 10 step Korean skincare routine!

1. Pre Cleanse

Before using your normal cleanser, do a deep dive on your face with extra makeup wipes to ensure that as much debris and product is removed from around your eye and lips as possible.

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