Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Sunscreen ?


Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Sunscreen ?
Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Sunscreen ?

There are so many sunscreen mistakes to avoid. It’s something that we all use when the sun finally comes out to play, but how many of us are actually using it correctly? Something that seems so simple doesn’t feel like it could be misused too badly, but the truth is that lots of people out there make a lot of classic mistakes when it comes to their sunscreen game, mistakes that can have a negative impact on their health! Here are the twelve most common sunscreen mistakes to avoid.

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Applying outside

Don’t wait until you get to the beach to apply the sunscreen. Put it on before you leave the house and then you will also be protected on your journey! This is one of the biggest sunscreen mistakes to avoid.



Did you know you can get a sunburn through your clothes? Don’t just paint around the lines, as it were; you’re better off applying a full coat butt naked and then putting on your poolside garments!



So many people miss out their lips when thinking about sun protection. They are skin too, after all, so make sure you apply some SPF lip balm at the same time as your normal sunscreen.


Key Spots

People tend to miss key spots when applying sunscreen like the toes and the ears, and lots of areas on the back. Make sure that you are completely covered. Get a friend to help!


Rinsing off

When you sweat and swim, you are rinsing off that original coat of sunscreen. The mistake people make is not reapplying frequently enough to protect themselves.


Body Formula on Face

Did you realise there are sunscreens for your face and sunscreens for your body? People make the mistake of using body screen for everything when really you need a more heavy duty but a sensitive solution for your face.


Only when Sunny

You make the mistake of only applying sunscreen when the sun is out, but just because there is cloud cover doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t penetrating your skin!


Safe in Cars

Another common mistake is assuming that you are safe if you are travelling in a car. In fact, the glass can magnify both the heat and the rays to an even more dangerous level, so make sure to apply on your road trip!



There really is no point in buying anything under 30 SPF, because you just aren’t going to get worthwhile protection. Stay away from the 8s and the 15s that you see; there is no point.


Not Reapplying

Sunscreen isn’t just a one-time thing for the day. You need to keep reapplying as the hours goes by because your skin will absorb the cream and make it redundant after a while.


Skipping in Shade

Did you know that 34% of UV radiation can get through a pool umbrella? You still need to apply even in the shade.


Ignoring Eyes

Make sure to protect your eyes from the rays by wearing a good pair of quality sunglasses. It’s really worth paying a little extra to get ones that are actually approved.

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