Are You at Risk of Skin Cancer ?


Are You at Risk of Skin Cancer ?
Are You at Risk of Skin Cancer ?

Ever been asked are you at risk of skin cancer?? Of all the types of cancer in the world, it might be fair to say that the general population is perhaps the most susceptible to skin cancer at any given time. Not only do we all expose ourselves to the sun on a whole more than we expose ourselves on a whole to cigarettes or excessive alcohol, but the fact that we have things like moles on our bodies that are even more prone to the changing effects of the sun makes us much more vulnerable to skin cancer than other rarer and harder to get types. If you don’t know much about skin cancer right now, then now is the perfect time to educate yourself with high summer just around the corner. Are you at risk of skin cancer?

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Light Features

People with light skin, hair and eyes possess less natural protection against the danger of the sun’s UV rays. Those with a fairer complexion need to make sure that they abide by all of the standard rules when it comes to summer health, like applying lots of high factor sunscreen on a regular basis and seeking shade when possible. Those with darker features and skin also need to be careful of their paler areas like the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.


Family History

Skin is one of the pesky things that can be determined by how genetically vulnerable you might be to developing it. If you descend from a long line of people who have had skin cancer at some point, then you can be pretty confident that it is something that you might have to contend with in the future too. There are also genetic mutation risks for melanoma that you need to be wary of, including for pancreatic and breast cancer.


Fake Tanning

Tanning beds might not expose you to the real sun, but they are still exposing you to ultraviolet light at a severe rate. A recent study has shown that up to 400,000 skin cancer cases in the USA alone can be attributed to indoor tanning beds every single year. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you are not in the sun, you are not at risk.



Skin cancer can strike at any age, but it is true that you are more vulnerable to it as you get older. This is simply because you will have had more time to accumulate UV exposure, and there can actually be a big lag between childhood sunburns and the confirmation of a skin cancer diagnosis. Keep this in mind as you get older; you might want to start changing the way that you expose yourself to the sun’s rays.



It doesn’t take a genius to work out that moles put you at a bigger risk of skin cancer. The more you have, the higher your risk will be. If you can spot more then ten moles on your arm, then it’s pretty likely that you have more than 100 across your whole body, and that is a huge factor in vulnerability to skin cancer.

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