7 Signals That Your Skin is Going to Break out ...

Believe it or not, there are signals that your skin is going to break out. Even though it might seem like blemishes appear out of nowhere, there are some actions and precursors to an acne breakout that will help you predict when pimples are going to pop up. Take control of your skin care with these common signals that your skin is going to break out and fight back!

1. Changes in Season

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One of the lesser known signals that your skin is going to break out is when the weather starts to change. So if you notice that your acne flares up or your skin starts acting finicky, it could be the weather thatโ€™s to blame. This also happens when youโ€™re traveling or if youโ€™ve moved to a different climate. If changing your skin care products doesnโ€™t help your skin adjust to changes in the weather, talk to your doctor for some other options.

2. Pulling All-NIghters

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Whether youโ€™re staying up all hours of the night for work, school or family obligations, pulling enough late nights are a surefire way to see some acne! We all go through times where staying up all night or getting very little sleep is inevitable; just make sure that it doesnโ€™t become a regular thing! For the sake of your health and your skin, avoid having too many late nights without proper rest or your skin will surely give it away.

3. Frequent Flying

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Breaking out can happen for a variety of reasons, but if you frequently travel by air, it might happen more often. I think weโ€™re all familiar with the dry cabin air on planes and while itโ€™s pressurized for our comfort, itโ€™s not so comforting for our skin. Dry air can cause our skin to produce more oil which in turn can cause acne. Plus, all the rushing around from gate to gate or going through different time zones can also do a number on our skin.

4. Laundry is the Last Thing on Your List

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If you werenโ€™t already aware, dirty laundry can be a cause of an acne breakout. Dirty sheets, pillow cases and even towels can harbor bacteria and cause acne. If youโ€™re not already in the habit of regularly changing these items, you might see an acne breakout in your future. If you donโ€™t have time to do the wash more often, perhaps investing in some more linens and towels might be easier!

5. Your Diet is Unbalanced

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Although there are differing views on whether food can affect the skin, many experts agree that eating an unbalanced diet with lots of caffeine, sugar or dairy can contribute to blemishes in some people. Everyone reacts differently to these substances so it might not cause a reaction in one, but it can be a recipe for disaster for another. If youโ€™re unsure whether they affect your skin or not, try eliminating one of these things for awhile and see if your skin clears up.

6. Youโ€™re Super Stressed

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Stress contributes to acne in a big way! So, if you find that you start breaking out after a stressful event like an argument with a family member, job interview or test at school, donโ€™t be too surprised. Stressing while youโ€™re PMSing can make things even worse, so regardless of what time of the month it is, always make time for relaxation. Practice deep breathing, take walks or talk it out.

7. Your Makeup Brushes Are Always Dirty

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Cleaning makeup brushes on a regular basis might not be very fun, but itโ€™s necessary if you want to have clear skin. If you rarely remember to clean your makeup brushes, itโ€™s almost a guarantee that weโ€™ll be breaking out in the near future since youโ€™re applying old makeup, dirt and bacteria on your skin. Get in the habit of cleaning your beauty tools regularly so you donโ€™t forget.

There are different ways to try to keep our skin as clean and clear as possible. Avoid committing any these common skin offenses and youโ€™ll be sitting pretty! Do you know of any other signals of breaking out?

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