9 Seriously Luxurious Bar Soaps That'll Make You Throw out Your Body Wash ...

When was the last time you used some luxurious bar soaps while washing up? I’m willing to bet that it’s been awhile and I’ve got 9 very lush bar soap brands that I think are worth a try. Bar soaps used to be the body cleanser of choice until body washes and other, milder types of cleansers came out, and now they’re kind of the last resort. Well, I’m here to show you that just because it’s a bar soap doesn’t mean it’s all harsh and filled with drying detergents. There are some seriously luxurious bar soaps out there that’ll soften your skin but still leave you feeling clean as a whistle.

1. Fresh Seaberry Exfoliating Soap

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Fresh has quite a few luxurious bar soaps in their collection, but this one stood out to me since it’s an exfoliating type and we all know that’s the key to smooth skin. This soap gently exfoliates your skin with natural ingredients like cranberry, bamboo and bitter orange while cleansing and nourishing your skin so it looks as good as it feels! Available at Sephora for $16.50.

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