Science 🔬 is Giving Us a Reason to Be Thankful 🙏🏼 for Our Acne 😖 ...


You read that right - there may be a reason to be grateful for your acne. If you're like me and you couldn't possibly think of a good reason to have zits, this new information is going to blow you away. According to science, there are several reasons why your breakouts may be a good thing. Even if you never get truly thankful for them, you can comfort yourself with these facts next time a monster pimple threatens to ruin your day.

1. What Does Acne do for Skin?

A new research study finds that people who get acne may have built in protection against aging, helping them look younger for longer. The theory is that the system that drives acne can also slow aging, helping you look youthful and extend your lifespan. So next time you get a breakout, just think of how much longer you might live because of it.

Oily Skin Means Fewer Wrinkles
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